Kickstart Marketing: The no-nonsense system for boosting your small business

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There are two things we learned: the Toolkit materials always yield a response, and you have to be prepared. As my momentum was gearing up, I had a serious accident that laid me up for months. I made the decision to not let this down-time go to waste. During my recovery, I decided to work ON my business. I read the Toolkit cover to cover, I set up a web cam to conduct sales appointments and I did anything that I could to keep my business running smoothly and maintain the progress I had gained.

Just as I started to get back on my feet, literally and figuratively, another disaster hit. Thanks to my marketing know-how, I was able to drive much-needed revenue to rebuild our business. We rebuilt beyond what we had ever achieved. I am especially thankful to Robin and her team for showing me how to rise above hard times to even greater success. We took a step back and developed a day marketing plan.

We decided to focus on a few key things that would help us become profitable, rather than doing 1, things halfway. Developing a JV strategy, creating a monthly newsletter and perfecting our sales process has made this year our best revenue year ever! Robin provides us with truly unbelievable tools and great value. We were making a profit, but I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of growth. It seemed as though we were stuck and needed to figure out how to get over the hump to bring more new customers in the door.

Shortly after signing up with Robin, we had two catastrophic events happen that had the potential to put us out of business. Generating results requires more than just the occasional campaign — it takes a serious effort and focus. Unfortunately the referrals and new clients I was getting were not my target.

I really struggled to differentiate myself and attract quality prospects. By differentiating myself through marketing, I now have people I want as clients coming up to me at Chamber events, handing me their business card and asking me to call them. People recognize me and see me as a trusted advisor rather than just another IT guy. This positioning has made a huge difference in the success of my business.

Thanks to all the encouragement and support, sales are up, profits are up and our average contract price point is up as well. I was looking for that quick-fix to get me going. One thing for sure is that this is all a constant learning experience. At one time, I was extended beyond my means, so I did things I promised myself I would never do. Extended credit lines, reached into savings…I felt violated and taken advantage of, and I had done it to myself. We slowly grew to a point where I was comfortable and we were surviving, but I knew I needed to do more. Progress was slow at first with several hurdles along the way, but by the fifth month, we had processes in place and started to experience real results!

We have been in business for over 15 years, and I had never cracked the million-dollar revenue barrier. I had knocked on the door, but never any further. For the first time I finally feel balance in both my family and business life. I am truly grateful to Robin and the amazing quality of business owners she has attracted to this group which has enabled me to create a better life by building and better a business. Every year I was growing InnoTek, and we were good at what we did. Ironically, InnoTek was able to accomplish the goal of efficiency and profitability for our clients, but I was not able to do this for InnoTek.

After years of struggling I decided this needed to change so I began a mission to save my business, improve my quality of life and create success, with a focus on efficiency and profitability for InnoTek. This all started when I found Robin and enrolled in her programs. She taught me that an entrepreneur needs structure, support groups and real training in order to run and grow a successful business.

Her leadership, direction and of course, marketing paid off big for InnoTek. My mission was accomplished… We made InnoTek efficient and profitable and continue to do so. Aside from the marketing campaigns and loads of information that we get from the program, the most valuable thing that Robin and her team has provided me with is the ability to be totally clear and honest about my business.

I never internalized the idea that we are as much a marketing company as we are a technology company. Once I made that realization and, as a result, started to become a better entrepreneur, we experienced exponential growth. The numbers simply speak for themselves. In the course of one year, our managed services revenue increased Would I have been able to get where I am today without Robin and the program?

No way. We were heavily reliant on this one major account. I searched the Internet for help with marketing. This is when I came across Robin. Robin has changed my life. For starters, she helped me turn my business around and has given me the confidence and the tools to start ANY business and be successful in it.

I know we have a fair way to go, but I know we have the tools, the know-how and the confidence to get there. But we plugged along, not getting anywhere until a few years ago, when we met Robin Robins. It was great! Robin has also helped us realize that our natural vertical was dental offices since David and I have direct, hands-on experience working in those businesses.

The results overall have been stellar.

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During a tough economic time, our gross sales are now up When you consider there are a lot of businesses closing their doors this is a pretty amazing bump. I realized right then that there is a big, abundant world out there, and I was determined to be a part of it. In , my husband, Mike, started Capstone IT. For three years, my six-figure income as an engineer for General Motors supported the family until I took the plunge and quit my job! In , we attended our first Boot Camp. I watched in amazement as other MSPs shared their success stories.

That was a pivotal moment. Which brings us to My team implemented marketing campaigns! Our website design team, blog writers and SEO report generator, Pronto, produce our 1 lead generator. By joining committees and boards, we invest time that might otherwise be spent on traditional sales and marketing. I drew an income, but nowhere near what I would have earned working for someone else. My biggest problem was that I hated sales and had no idea what marketing was. I stumbled across Technology Marketing Toolkit and the money-back guarantee.

I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I decided I might as well give it a go. After lots of hard work, campaign planning and follow-up, I have finally learned how to market and do it successfully. It all started with one campaign. I took the plunge, sent out the letters and got results. I was able to secure a project with a new customer that brought in considerable profit. I have to say thank you to Robin. I still have to work hard on the business, and there is an enormous amount to be done, but I will no longer live month-to-month wondering where my future income will come from.

It turns out that what I knew a thing or two about was sales and I knew a little bit about marketing. But I put her campaigns to work and from January through April, we received 57 referrals. At this rate, I will have referrals and 55 new clients by the end of the year. Now I know a thing or two about marketing thanks to her! It was blood, sweat and tears. Thanks for the knowledge!! Over the years, through much trial and error, I have discovered it takes multiple activities, working together consistently toward specific goals, and then measuring the results.

Robin has taught me to track everything in our marketing.

Managed Services Technology Marketing Testimonials

This actually allows for decisions based on real data and not based on emotions. With that in mind, I know I am on the right track since one of my prospective customers told me how good my marketing is, and that he would like ME to handle HIS marketing along with their technology. Initially all of my clients came from word of mouth and I never had to go out and get the business.

So bit by bit I learned marketing and implemented the tools and strategies Robin had given me. If you are ready to change your IT business for the better, then this product is for you. What she teaches and provides will truly make an impact IF you implement it. The Producers Club is invaluable to me, and the guest speakers she brings into these events are people I would not have been able to meet, nor hear speak, at any other event that would be IT-related.

Being in Producers Club has allowed me to grow my peer network of IT professionals and business owners from around the globe, and these are people who understand my business issues and can give guidance without being my competitor. We also increased our prospect list through this JV partnership and added good, qualified prospects. We closed two large deals, both of which offer recurring revenue for years to come.

We chose the medical industry, as we had already experienced success there. We marketed to our list with a multipronged, multimedia approach of direct mail, telemarketing follow-up and canvassing. We are diligent with our marketing touches, using the templates Robin provides us, including monthly newsletters, Shock and Awe packages, TechTip e-mails, and our newly published book, Keeping I.

And now that our marketing is consistently bringing in two to three brand-new, highly qualified leads per week, I have no doubt this growth trend will continue at the same pace or faster!

Crush Online Content Marketing With These Top 26 Tools

Robin has definitely taught me that I can sell anything. We were losing money…Not good. But after we started using her materials, leads started to pour in! The content and program are great! I am so glad we finally dove in! I have to say I am very, very impressed with your presentations, your materials on the web site — all of it is great.

I am overwhelmed right now, but the stuff seems really, really good. It has already given my crew all kinds of new ideas. You have been very helpful and I have learned more from you, your materials and organization in the last 24 hours about my own industry, let alone marketing, than I have in months using any other source. I am very grateful for you and thank you for doing such a good job in presenting this! Our secret is probably the same secret that most other successful MSPs have discovered: there is no one thing that will allow you to grow.

Consistently marketing to our prospects along with being committed to implementing and building upon marketing and business basics, WILL result in success. Technology Marketing Toolkit has brought me rock-solid marketing and provided great peer group support. Thank you, Robin! With that success came the need to move into a larger office space with more room for not only staff, but bigger and better in-house events. As a result, we ended up with nearly attendees and 41 leads for various services we offer.

Stagnation in our business is now a thing of the past. The secret to our success? Believe me, I was skeptical. I am now determined to figure out how I can do these every single week and improve the process. Essentially, I felt like I was drowning. Today, I pay myself a consistent salary instead of grabbing money out of the business bank account when I need some.

Now I have a R. But despite some initial successful contracts to get our efforts going, I constantly worried about the business, as much of our success was attributed to intuition, gut feel and my past business experiences. I was recreating the wheel from the ground up and had no framework to do so. We actually spent our first anniversary there! Robin taught us so much at the workshop, everything from the RIGHT way to do campaigns, to defining your target market, measuring campaign performance, setting up KPIs and many other things that are finally getting us the results I have wanted for so long.

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The way that we run our business and do marketing has drastically changed since the workshop. Thank you, Robin and team! Little did we know what this decision really meant. Because I see it working! I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is easier than I expected. From that point forward, instead of quitting when I hit some roadblocks, I recommitted myself that it was my time to make things work. But going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop was just what I needed to nail down things like our USP, our niche market and other marketing fundamentals, and it was the kick in the butt that got us DOING the marketing.

The lesson learned from all of this? It takes massive, simultaneous action to generate the results we need in business. Sure, I tried some marketing over the years, but it only brought in a few tire kickers and price shoppers.

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Wow, what a difference! I am now completely reengaged and reinvigorated with my company and am seeing results from marketing, which I used to think was a complete waste of time, effort and money. This has been a game-changer! By the end of the year, we were starting to eat into our savings and I realized I had a big problem on my hands. It was there I learned how to build a foundation for marketing and sales that will allow us to add clients profitably and consistently, fuel referrals and ultimately double our customer base.

Nothing was working the way I envisioned it would when I first started my managed services business. I was seriously burnt-out from working so many long days with nothing to show for it. So I gave myself one more year to make it work before giving up. I had heard of Robin before but dismissed the Toolkit as hokey and unprofessional; I mean, come on! But now, humbled by my failures and desperate for some success, I decided to purchase the Toolkit. And I did just that. Fast-forward to my one-year deadline for calling it quits, and my business has completely turned around.

Best of all, I had fun while doing it! At that time, my dreams were lofty, and I was certain it would be a success. Fast-forward 18 years, and I learned that sometimes dreams can become nightmares. We were flying high, but I no idea how to run or lead a company. The next few years were a downward spiral with tons of debt and a rapidly declining client base.

I hit rock bottom and felt like it was the end of the road. Insert Robin. After quickly purchasing the Toolkit and becoming an Apprentice member, I booked our trip for our first Boot Camp. While there, we were in awe of how many companies from around the globe were there and how Robin was guiding them all to success. We spent the next six months after Boot Camp to get our house in order. We literally needed to overhaul every single part of the marketing in our business.

We were implementing the Toolkit, and it was a miracle! Enter Robin…. We made changes to the entire business, from operations to hiring to service delivery. Then the Calgary economy suddenly crashed. It was a HUGE disaster for our local economy, and panic set in as many clients starting shrinking fast. One of our clients went from employees to seven almost overnight. Other clients came to us begging for huge reductions in monthly spend. We even had a few clients give up and declare bankruptcy. But thanks to the support of my accountability group and Robin pushing us, I continued to do marketing.

We only implemented six Marketing Oil Wells, but those campaigns generated leads and to date 25 new customers in just 12 months, with more projected to close. Thank goodness I had transformed into a sales-focused CEO rather than a tech- and operations-minded CEO; I know that change saved us from disaster when the economy tanked. We got to work like never before, and it has paid off with huge dividends!

Robin, the Toolkit and her team has equipped us with the roadmap to success that has propelled us forward to eclipse the million-dollar mark in just our second year in business! Before Robin, we had broken-down, deficient and non-existent marketing systems. Now I know that even the smallest of actions — done consistently — can yield big results.

This experience has caused many positive changes in our organization and it will continue as we dive into more campaigns to grow our MRR. Jill and I now know Robin to be an amazing sales and marketing guru and she has much to teach this aged and jaded marketing geek. Like so many other owners we got distracted from this mission with technical and business issues and put the marketing on the shelf. Over the years, Robin successfully decorated our office with her marketing material and it was a constant reminder of the task that we would eventually make the time for — to build and execute a successful marketing plan with the help of Robin Robins.

Ultimately, we signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. The workshop gave us the kick we needed to hit the ground running with a plan of action and determined minds to not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed. The motivation and energy we continue to gain from the team as well as the tactics for goal setting has helped us grow not only as a company, but also as individuals.

We have found ourselves working harder than ever and are so excited to see where this journey brings our company. When we sat down and reviewed the self-assessment prior to the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we were surprised at how low we actually scored ourselves. This was incentive enough to sit back and review what we were and were not doing. Since returning in August we have cleaned up our list to ensure our marketing is reaching the proper audience. Immediately after my return from the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we started to implement monthly newsletters and postcard marketing.

We made significant changes to our website as well, including adding our locations to the header of the site. This was a no-brainer, but until the workshop, we had never given that much thought. Overall, there are some very good marketing campaigns with the Toolkit that help us obtain more leads and consultations. Had I not attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop, watched the videos and interacted with the weekly calls I believe our self-assessment score would remain low.

Today I can be confident in the fact that we have improved our own self-assessment score and have generated new opportunities to our business. I am pumped to go through the marketing campaigns and cannot wait to see what lies ahead. My confidence in myself has never been so high and I credit Robin and the Accelerators Club for that drive. I am an engineer by trade with more than 20 years in the industry and limited our marketing to branding with shirts, vehicle wraps, and business cards.

We lived on referrals but never made an effort to truly market our business. This has given our business a new breath of life, legitimacy, and presence in the business community. Even with all of the great marketing in place that has produced amazing results, the single biggest contributor to our growth is our mindset. Our mindset has changed from that of getting by and struggling daily to truly pursing and having the confidence to take our business to the next level. TMT and RIW helped change our mindset by showing us what was possible, this gave us confidence to take bigger risks and to try new things.

We never had a consistent marketing approach, a targeted list or tracked ROI. At that event, they were able to get a few minutes to discuss our struggles with Robin. Immediately, as a result of that conversation, we changed from a single managed services plan to having several MSP package options for our customers.

That Roadshow set off a monumental turn of events for us. We attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop with Robin and her team. While in Nashville we discussed campaigns, sales process, telemarketing, goals, tracking ROI, target market, USP, scrubbing lists and, most importantly, mindset. I wanted to follow a marketing plan, and the group accountability calls and coaching helped me develop that plan and to stay with it. The day rapid implementation training gave me an opportunity to try several different campaigns and strategies in an environment where I could get good feedback and support on a regular basis.

Prior to the Toolkit, our marketing efforts at Burk I. Robin and her team have truly made our business Rewarding, Easy, Attractive and Lucrative! I decided it was time for us to use this resource we had so I signed up for two-day kick in the pants we needed. Most crucially, we learned how consistency is the most important part of any marketing campaign. We got to work right away, pumping out campaign after campaign. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. We just follow the instructions to the letter and execute the best that we can!

We are now in a position to push ourselves and not have to take huge risks that could kill the company. Thank you to Robin for showing us the way. We will continue to do you proud!


Thank you, Robin and the rest of the TMT team! We are excited about the future of our company. We are so happy that we chose to invest in the program, because this was the springboard we needed for our ultimate success. Since becoming members and attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have consistently implemented marketing, conducted regular QBRs and continually looked for cross-sell opportunities.

Our customers now see us as a valued partner. Needless to say, we are excited in the growth of what we affectionately refer to as our baby. That is a remarkable achievement, and we could not have done it without the guidance and training from Technology Marketing Toolkit. As a team, we are more engaged and involved in our business. We are true believers that this system works! After several we hit it, BUT all we had to show for it was a participation trophy. The ugly truth was that we were buying every customer.

We had ZERO organic growth. Then in November of the next year, the tide turned when we met a fiery redhead with everything Choose Networks needed to get people to listen to our managed services story — the Technology Marketing Toolkit. The real cost of my past excuses was huge. I was comfortable with my little business here in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and although some would call us stagnant, my real hope each year was that we would achieve the same level of revenues as the year before.

Well, that all changed when we bought the Toolkit! We experienced a complete mind shift and massive growth when we discovered MRR. I made a decision to convert existing customers where we were patching servers for an hourly rate to a full managed service offering for monthly recurring revenue. On top of that, I began to close a handful of real MRR customers that we had taken from lead to close. A great start indeed! To our amazement, at the end of last year, we surpassed that number with a total of three employees servicing seven managed clients.

Thanks to all we learned at the Rapid Implementation Workshop and with the support of other Accelerators Club Members, we reached a company milestone with fewer employees, less clients and all within 90 days! We were stagnant… until we found Technology Marketing Toolkit and changed our mindset.

After 11 months with Robin, we experienced No doubt, we were finally sold on the value of marketing. Initially, I wanted nothing to do with this program and was confident the contents would not resonate with our clients. Fortunately, my analytical side urged me to dig deeper and my research turned up hundreds of stunning testimonials from other MSPs. Before I knew it, this skeptic was signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. My second campaign brought a long-time break-fix client into our top-tier Gold Managed Services Plan. With each new success, my mindset shifts.

I had reached a point of desperation and knew I had to do something because my business, my team and my family were counting on me. By applying the principles and actions mapped out in this program, I was able to build momentum. Slowly, I moved from a paralyzed state into a focused state where I ultimately achieved far more than I thought was possible.

One simple campaign brought us over 30 qualified testimonials of very happy customers and a competitive advantage for us to win new business. Thanks to Robin and the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I am now laser-focused on marketing, sales and customer acquisition. Small shifts in my thinking have helped me stay 10 steps ahead of my competition and are making me the marketing expert I always wanted to be. I often joke that I must have missed the class in Computer Science School about how to actually run a business. I was practically forced to become a student of business through the school of hard knocks and by devouring tons of business books.

Certain parts came easy to me, but not marketing and sales. Too readily, advertising is traditional in form, a short-term sales driver to pick off low-hanging fruit. However, Australia is also an ingenious nation, full of people who have carved out a highly successful country from an inhospitable land. Or even Tontine , a bedding manufacturer that realised people rarely change their pillows, however old and grubby they get, and so started to print use-by dates on them.

These are all brilliant examples of understanding the brand and business challenge, and answering it in an unexpected, ingenious, original way — and without the expensive and slow process of developing big ad campaigns or new products. Australian creativity is at its best when it comes to straight-talking, no-nonsense and unashamedly populist advertising. Take the Carlton Draft "Made from beer" campaign, which, in the face of new competition from Europe, cut straight through the pomp and puffery of European beers with ads such as "Big ad", "Flash dance" and "Beer chase".

These overtly poke fun at the category advertising conventions to appeal to the straight-talking Aussie beer-drinker. Another wonderfully straight-talking campaign came from the New South Wales government. The "Beaver" campaign for Kotex tampons was an example of this straight-talking approach transcending gender. The campaign featured a woman with her pet beaver, claiming "you only have one so make sure you look after it".

Yes, broadcast on mainstream TV. Is this the most creative work out there? Do the same with your content by conducting voice of customer research:. Say you discover that many freelancers buy your SaaS product because they need a quicker way to process client transactions. The obvious benefit of getting paid faster is easy to understand and is a phrase you could easily split test against the original, more technical explanation.

That clarity can also add credibility:. The testimonial on the homepage shows the impact of Mailchimp rather than claiming the potential benefits. Three types of real-time user feedback can help identify or validate whether your copy is falling victim to the curse of knowledge. On-site surveys : Are site visitors having problems? What do they like best? Do they have recommendations for improvements? The responses may help you understand more about why visitors leave your site—and if the curse of knowledge may be the cause.

Live chat : You can aggregate data that you collect on audience interactions with live chat representatives or chatbots. Beta programs : Use beta programs to collect feedback on your content, design, and website before launching your SaaS product. Pilcro launched with a short free trial to find out if people would pay for their product. Real-time feedback can help identify when users get confused. Adjust copy or content to answer the questions users have most often, replicating their language.

Include customer service reps, recent hires, and others who may not have your technical knowledge. You can make comments anonymous by:. Answer comments. Ask follow-up questions. Transfer parts of the conversation back into your copy. Kaleigh Moore agrees:. Having to explain it in detail to someone who is new to the concept will often naturally prompt questions and discussions that help you write from a new perspective.

Think about the questions they ask, where their curiosity goes, and what insight they provide as you walk through the topic—and then tie that in as you write. What does that look like in practice? Jordie Black, founder of Copy and Check , has a six-step process for all client content. She handles strategy then passes a brief to their team of writers. An editor reviews the final product.

Our editors edit for clarity, grammar and structure. To avoid the curse of knowledge, you often simplify your content. But not always. Complex topics may showcase your expertise or give prospects the granular answers they need to differentiate your product. As noted before, B2B brands often serve advanced technical practitioners and C-Suite decision-makers. In those instances, you may need to create content to serve multiple audiences. Search Engine Journal does this with their blog. They produce content for newbies, experts, and everything in between. They are very busy with other parts of their lives.

Research conducted by Kathryn and Michael Summers backs up this theory. Graduates were given two websites, each written at high and low reading levels. Researchers then monitored the tasks they were asked to complete. Users with high literacy were able to accomplish their tasks almost three times as fast with the revised site as with the original. To avoid the curse of knowledge, you first have to look for it. That starts by not assuming that your audience has or lacks a certain level of knowledge. That knowledge, in turn, can guide testing for design and copy. Elise is a freelance B2B marketing writer who helps marketing businesses boost their online visibility, and drive qualified leads to their site through strategic content.

This article originally appeared on ConversionXL and has been republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C. Join over 50, of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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Fads are things that become popular one day and gone the next. Webinars are effective learning tools, whether its filling in knowledge gaps, learning the.